10 Medical Reasons Why Acupuncture is Beneficial to Your Health

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine healing technique, has been around for over 3,000 years. It is now used worldwide as a safe and effective form of medical treatment for a number of ailments. With acupuncture, fine needles are placed strategically to pressure points and key areas on the body that allow for the release of toxins. Acupuncture is painless, non-invasive and holistic. It has helped millions gain back and maintain their health without chemicals or medical drugs. Acupuncture helps promote natural healing from within the immune system and can improve both physical and mental health. Here are ten medical reasons why acupuncture is beneficial to your health:

If you are prone to constant migraines and headaches, acupuncture can be a relief. While it may not eradicate the migraines indefinitely, it will greatly reduce the number of migraines you may have. Instead of expensive medication that can cause side-effects, try electro-acupuncture. Studies have been done on how electro-acupuncture can lessen the number of migraines. Just 20 sessions of electro-acupuncture over a four-week period have shown to reduce the number of migraines in patients.

You may not like taking antihistamines because they may make you drowsy or have side effects. Acupuncture has been widely used to help relieve allergy symptoms and provide a holistic and natural alternative to drugs. Just twelve acupuncture sessions can reduce allergy symptoms tremendously. If you need a bathroom remodeler Arlington, Paul’s Carpentry Workshop is your go-to finish carpentry service provider.

Depression medication may not be for everyone. Many people who may not have gotten optimal results with modern depression medication have switched to acupuncture. Regular weekly acupuncture treatments can show results as early as within three months as compared to traditional therapy and counseling. Acupuncture helps release endorphins which bring you to a better mood.

Acid Reflux
Acid reflux can be uncomfortable and even painful. It can even affect the enamel of your teeth. Ten acupuncture sessions within a month’s period of time can significantly reduce incidences of acid reflux and heartburn. Acupuncture also aids in digestion, so there is no need to take an antacid or any other stomach relief medication. If your teeth have been affected, make sure to see a Dentist Wappingers Falls.

Stress relief
Everyday life can bring on stresses. Whether stress stems from going to school, raising kids, or work-related, our lives are constantly moving fast, and we rarely have time to slow down. Regular acupuncture sessions can help by releasing toxins. Many people find the session itself to be relaxing as they are laying down. Acupuncture can have a tremendous positive long-term effect on relieving stress and anxiety. Another beneficial treatment to consider for stress would be spending an afternoon at a day spa long island. You’ll be amazed how rejuvenated you’ll feel after taking the time to pamper yourself.

Boost Your Immune system
If you are getting sick more often, your immune system could be down. Strategically placed needles can help boost the immune system by “waking up” immune cells in the body. After regular weekly acupuncture sessions, you will feel not only more energetic but healthier too.

So many people these days have trouble sleeping. Whatever the reason may be, such as stress, anxiety or depression, you need a good night’s rest. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on overall health. Gas leaks can be a leading cause of poor sleep, see companyx. Sleep regenerates cells so you can have strength and stamina for the day ahead. For the relief of insomnia and other sleep disorders, acupuncture is a great way to get you proper sleep as well as feeling relaxed. Home Heating Oil Nassau County can keep your house warm during the winter for a good price.

Back Pain
If you are taking painkillers because you suffer from chronic back pain, acupuncture can be a holistic alternative. Regular acupuncture sessions in the lower back have been known to reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort. Get your Cesspool Long Island checked out before any problems start to occur.

Weight Gain
With weight gain comes a list of potential health problems. Many people who have trouble with weight loss or have other medical issues that cause them to gain weight have had success with regular acupuncture sessions. One study showed that obese adults could lose up to 9 pounds in 2 weeks to 4 months with acupuncture. Talk to Accountant in Nassau County about financial help.

Hot flashes, a common occurrence with menopause, can be reduced with acupuncture. After one acupuncture treatment, many women have reported that their hot flashes decreased in number over a three month period.